Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Found this amazing post from Colby Brown and I'm sharing it with you all because I think it's for a very important cause! Please reshare if you can!

Help Fight For Children of Uganda

+Invisible Children has just released a new video the showcases the movement they have started to help arrest Joseph Kony, the leader of the LRA in Africa. The man responsible for unspeakable atrocities against over 30k children on the continent. The man known for abducting children and turning them into child soldiers...even forcing them to kill their own families in the process.

Spend 30 minutes and watch this video. Share it with others you know. Tattooed on my right forearm is the country of Africa with the words "Ubuntu" under it. It translates in Zulu to "family".It means that all life on the planet shares the bond of love and compassion. Africa means a lot to me. I hope it means alot to you as well.

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