Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rock Band 2 vs Guitar Hero:World Tour Wii

I've been playing RockBand 2 for awhile now (on the Nintendo Wii) and i must say I'm starting to like it more than Guitar Hero: World Tour. Graphically i think they both have their ups and downs. Guitar Hero is much more cleaner and detailed while in RockBand 2 the character models are a bit more animated and they definitely added a lot of lighting effects in certain levels. The area where RockBand 2 shines is in its music selection. The quality and range is much, much deeper than Guitar Hero's lineup. Plus it has a much cleaner setlist menu and in my opinion a much better character creation option. Of course it doesnt offer the amazing ability to transfer songs directly to the SD card. Basically the game can load it off directly off the SD card and unto the Wii's internal memory automatically once the song is picked. You dont have to bother yourself to transfer or delete songs. Now if they can make a new game with a little of both worlds then they'll definitely have a winner on their hands.
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